Monday, December 2

General Awareness Set 4

1.World AIDS day is observed on 
Ans: December 1

2.The first effective vaccine against polio was prepared by 
Ans: Jonas E. Salk.

3.Television was started in the year 
Ans: 1959.

4.Where is the national Environment Engineering Research Institute located?
Ans: Nagpur.

5.National Science day is observed on 28th February to commemorate
Ans: The day of declaration of Raman Effect.

6.The science dealing with the study of the heart and its diseases is known as 
Ans: Cardiology.

7.India conducted the first nuclear explosion in the year
Ans: May 18, 1974.

8.ECG is an instrument used in the study of 
Ans: Heart.

9.When was the first Atomic Energy Commission set up in India?
Ans: August10, 1948

10.What does the abbreviation ANERT stand for 
Ans: Agency for non-conventional Energy and Rural Technology

11.The scientist who discovered that the earth revolves round the sun
Ans: Copernicus.

12.Rainbow is caused due to 
Ans: Refraction and dispersion

13.Ecology is the branch of science which deals with 
Ans: Balance of Nature 

14.What is the full form of LPG?
Ans: Liquified Petroleum Gas.

15.Leaves are green due to the presence of 
Ans: Chlorophyll

16.What drug does tobacco contain 
Ans: Nicotine.

17.A gland known as the gland of emergency
Ans: Adrenal gland.

18.The hormones helps to ripen fruits.
Ans: Ethylene.

19.Milk is an example of 
Ans: Suspension.

20.Which sector in India uses coal in maximum quantity?
Ans: Thermal plants.

21.Who discovered Natural Radioactivity?
Ans: Henry Becquerel

22.The main consistent of gobar gas
Ans: Methane.

23.What does talcum power consists of
Ans: Magnesium silicate.

24.The largest flower in the world?
Ans: Rafflesia

25.The smallest bone in the human body?
Ans: Stapes

26.The colouring substance present in bile 
Ans: Bilirubin.

27.The acid present in oranges
Ans: Citric acid

28.The density of water is maximum in 
Ans: 4 degree Centigrade.

29.The material used in the manufacture of lead pencils
Ans: Graphite.

30.The district in which the central root research institute is situated.
Ans: Thiruvananthapuram.

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