Thursday, February 20

Common Questions asked on PIB(TA) Interview (updated)

My dear successful Friends,

First of all I want to congratulate you on your success in TA written exam.
During your interview, you could face anything under the sun. But generally they ask questions on the personal life and interests of the candidate. Most of the aspirants are asking about the type of questions they will face during their interview, today i am writing about questions which a candidate may face during his interview.

List of Common Questions asked in Previous PIB Interview.

  1. What is the difference between leader and Manager?
  2. Why do you want to join Indian Territorial Army?
  3. Why as a officer why not as a soldier?
  4. Why you have Interest in Territorial Army and how you going to manage with your job?
  5. Is joining the Territorial Army a Dream for you or just another job?
  6. Tell me Some thing about Indian Army?
  7. What is the difference between your current job & Indian Territorial Army?(don't use the word 'job' after Indian territorial army,because its not a job its a passion)
  8. Give me an example of your creativity in your work field?
  9. Tell me some thing about your job?
  10. What Kind of duty you perform there?
  11. What is your Salary and What do you do with it?
  12. What quality leader should have?
  13. How do you manage your personal & profession life.?
  14. What are your outsides interests?
  15. How do you pass your leisure time?

List of Expected Questions 

  1. Who will be the next PM of India as per you?
  2. Why?
  3. Questions may come from Telangana Issue.
  4. Why can't India be world class player?
  5. Who is responsible for poor performance of India in sports?
  6. How indo pak relations can be improved?
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Wednesday, February 19

Best Books for Territorial Army Exam Preparation

ITA written exam is one of the toughest exam as compare to others, but some candidates find it easier and don't find need of any preparation or coaching necessary it. 
Apparently there are only few candidates who makes it without any preparation or professional coaching. 
Practice makes a man perfect, indeed it got some meaning in it.

If you are a serious TA aspirant and ready to do some smart and hard work to join Indian Territorial Army , then start your preparation from scratch. Here are two good and recommended books which are going to be helpful for your TA written exam preparation. You can buy these books online with huge discounts from the links mentioned below.

Its a decent book for preparing for competitive exams & building logical & reasoning skills. Its like an All-in-One with everything in it

Quite good for competitive exams and even for learning English Grammar and vocabulary.

Use it for best result and batter guidance. The contents are good enough to choose for any competitive examinations.

In most of the competitive exams the syllabus will be too huge and Quantitative aptitude will be a part of it, the book covers almost all concepts related to quantitative aptitude in detail.

All the Best for Territorial Army Exam.....
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Monday, February 10

Review of Indian Territorial Army Officers Exam

Review Shared by Santosh lal

Hi Friends, This is Santosh lal from pune. Who have attended TA written exam on 9th feb 2014. According to him the paper was tough. Not so easy not so difficult.

Part-1 ENGLISH (40 marks)

Essay (30 marks)
Synonyms (5 Marks)
reading comprehension (5 marks)

Part-2 General Awareness (60 marks)

In one word the paper was tough,most of the questions are based on politics,science,sports,music,economics,national and international issues etc.

Here are some questions shared by Santosh lal

1) Inflation and its effects
2) India Foreign Relations
3)The Lokpal Bill
4) Govt's MNREGA Program
out of these only Lokpal Bill is expected question.


1)EXIM stands for
2)ECGC stands for
3)One Rupee is signed by whom?
4)Emergency can be declared by the president on the recommendation of whom?
5)VV Giri is the Governor of which state

Result will be available by 19th Feb.It will be declared through mail/letter/test sms

PIB is on 27th & 28th FEB.

Thanks to Santosh for sharing his experience.We wish him all the success in your future endeavours.

If you want to share your experience mail: here

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Tuesday, February 4

Spotting Errors Exercise - 1

Directions: Some of the sentences are grammatically correct and some are incorrect. Find out which part of the sentence has an error and mark that part. If there is no error, mark that part as your answer.

1.Another baffling change1/ that I notice in him now-a-days2/ is that he avoids to speak to me.3/ No error4

2.He lay the watch on the table1/ and then forgot all about it2/ when he went out.3/ No error4

3.While it is apparent1/ that biotechnology offers significant benefits2/ adequate attention has not been focused to this vital area.3/ No error4

4.There is a need1/ to revising Government policies2/ on controlling unauthorised constructions.3/ No error4 

5.If you had seen1/ yesterday’s cricket I am sure2/ would have enjoyed seeing our team bat.3/ No error4

6.When he will come1/ I will2/ make sure3/ I meet him.4/ No error5

7.The traveller being weary1/ he2/ sat by3/ woodside to rest.4/ No error5

8.He did not1/ and could not have2/ understood3/ the full facts of the case4/. No error5

9.Neither1/ Rohit nor2/ Kabir have done his3/ lesson.4/ No error5

10.I am opposed1/ to the plan of action not because2/ it is ill conceived but that3/ it seems impractical4/. No error5

11.He as well as you1/ is tired of2/ this long3/ and troublesome affair4/. No error5

12.Along the1/ northern frontier of India2/ is seen3/ the Himalayas mighty in their splendour4/. No error5

13.The recommendations of the committee1/ that the age should be lowered down2/immediately3/ was not accepted4/. No error5

14.Each of the students whom1/ I have chosen to take part2/ in the discussion have3/ indicated that he4/ will be happy to do so. No error5

15.Our country need1/ a number of2/ self sacrificing3/ and devoted political leaders4/. No error5.

16.We erect1/ monuments in the memory 2/of the great lest their achievements3/might be4/ forgetten. No error5.

17.He used rather harsh words1/ in denouncing2/ her but he must have had3/ some very strong reasons to do so4/. No error5.

18.Since he has not1/ yet attained the age of eighteen2/, he had no right3/ to vote in the present election4/. No error5

19.I am disappointed1/ in not having saw2/ any place while3/ I was in Delhi on vacation4/. No error5

20.What India needs today1/ are more scientists2/ technicians3/ and planners4/. No error5

21.No sooner did1/ the thief saw the 2/policeman than3/ he ran away4/. No error5

22.Neither the size1/ nor the colour2/ of the gloves3/ were right4/. No error5

23.If it was possible1/ to get near2/ where one  of these eruptions took place3/, we could have a grand sight4/. No error5

24.Most of us are not aware1/ that2/ eating some varities3/ of mushrooms result4/ in death. No error5

25.After1/ Napoleon had lost2/ the battle of Waterloo in 1815, he had been 3/exiled to4/ the Island of St. Helena. No error5

1(c) say ‘speaking’ for ‘to speak’, 
2(a) say ‘laid’ for ‘lay’, 
3(c) use ‘on’ in place of ‘to’, 
4(b) to revise, 
5(e) no error, 
6(a) say ‘comes’ for ‘will come’, 
7(b) drop ‘he’, 
8(a) Add ‘understand’ after ‘did not’, 
9(c) use ‘has’, 
10(c) say ‘but because’, 
11(e) no error, 
12(c) say ‘are seen’, 
13(d) say ‘were not’, 
14(c) say ‘has’, 
15(a) say ‘needs’, 
16(d) say ‘should be’, 
17(d) say ‘for doing so’, 
18(c) say ‘ he has’, 
19(b) say ‘in not having seen’, 
20(b) say ‘is’, 
21(b) say ‘see’, 
22(d) say ‘was’, 
23(a) say ‘if it were possible’, 
24(d) say ‘results’, 
25(c) say ‘was exiled’
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Monday, February 3

Documents need to Carry for Written Exam,Final tips & more

As the date of TA written Exam gets near,doubts related to the proceedings are reaching high.As many candidates writing this exam for first time,so you need to be double sure of the process.Questions on What to do,What not to do,What to be taken etc,are being asked by anxious candidates.

What to Carry?

TA Group Headquarters have advised all candidates to bring the following items for written exam.
  1. Call letter
  2. Passport size photographs. 
  3. Writing material
  4. Photo ID proof
  5. Ball point pen
You will not be allowed to continue, if call letter,passport photo,& photo id proof are not produce during verification 

About Written Exam
It is possible to commit some silly mistakes on the the D-day due to pressure,nervousness or even bad luck!
Here is a quick rundown of tips so readers can make conscious efforts in avoiding mistakes.

Answering Questions
  1. There are two sections section-1 is English,section-2 is General Awareness,candidates can move from one section to another at any point.
  2. The test is for 2 Hours.(100 marks)
  3. In objective type questions candidates have to tick on right answers.
  4. Erasures and overwriting in objective question will not be awarded any marks.
  5. No additional sheet will be provided other than the question paper.
  6. There is no negative marks.
Candidates have to score more than 50 out of 100.

What to study?

As per previous exam pattern I'm providing you some source of materials.
  1. Essays on current topics.(30 marks)here
  2. General Awareness Sets(60 marks)here
  3. Possible synonyms & Antonyms(5 marks)here
  4. Study notes here
  5. Questions asked on 18th AUG 2013 here
  6. Read current affairs from here
Final tips
  1. Reach the venue before 30 mins of scheduled time.
  2. Those reach late won't be allowed to enter the hall & such incidents did occur in my previous TA exam.
  3. Plan your travel in advance,make your railway reservation in advance if your going to travel long distance.
  4. If you didn't have your reservation then you can make it Tatkal,You will feel fresh on the day of exam.
  5. If possible,visit the test center before a day to calculate time taken.
  6. Seriously Don't hesitate to take writing material,In my experience i had written this exam twice on veranda.
To Gets Regular Update:

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