Saturday, October 19

Lt Col Kapil Dev at Military training in Delhi.

Photogallery of Lt Col Kapil Dev takes part in an introductory military training course in New Delhi.

 see also:64th Raising day of Citizen's Army (TA Day) Celebrated

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Thursday, October 10

64th Raising Day of Citizen’s Army(TA Day) Celebrated

Prime Minister’s Territorial Army Day Parade was organised to commemorate the 64th raising anniversary of Territorial Army at the Army Parade Ground at New Delhi on 9 October 2013. Minister of State for Defence Jitendra Singh was the chief guest.

The parade was attended by Chief of Army Staff, Gen Bikram Singh, Chief of Air Staff,Air Chief Marshal NAK Browne and other civil and military dignitaries, including military and defence attachés from friendly foreign countries. The parade was commanded by Colonel DS Chauhan and comprised of 10 Marching Contingents, 15 Bands and Three Tableaus of Railway Engineer, Oil Sector and Ecological Territorial Army Units.

Apart from this, the PARA Territorial Army units demonstrated expert
techniques from Advance Light Helicopters (Dhruv). Territorial Army has become 
a force to reckon with and has augmented the Regular Army in all spheres.
It comprises of Infantry, Home and Hearth, Oil Sector, Railway Engineer and 
Ecological Territorial Army units.

Photo gallery of 
64th Raising Day of Citizen’s Army(TA Day):

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Wednesday, October 9


Australia — Kangaroo

Barbados — Head of a Trident

Canada — White Lily

Denmark — Beach

France — Lily

Guyana — Canje Pheasant

India — Ashoka Chakra

Ireland — Shamrock

Italy — White Lily

Japan — Chrysanthemum

Luxembourg — Lion with Crown

Netherlands — Lion

Norway — Lion

Papua New Guinea —Bird of paradise

Senegal —Bhobab Tree

Sri Lanka — Lion

Syria — Eagle

U.K — Rose

Bangladesh — Water Lily

Belgium — Lion

Chile — Candor & Huemul

Dominica — Sisserou Parrot

Germany — Corn Flower

Hong Kong — Bauhinia (Orchid Tree)

Iran — Rose

Israel — Candelabrum

Ivory Coast — Elephant

Lebanon — Cedar Tree

Mongolia — The Soyombo

New Zealand — Southern Cross, Kiwi,Fern

Pakistan — Crescent

Spain — Eagle

Sierra Leone — Lion

Sudan — Secretary Bird

Turkey — Crescent & Star

U.S.A — Golden Rod

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Thursday, October 3


1. 1st to introduce government supported family planning.

2. Largest postal network in the world.

3. Largest livestock population.

4. Largest producer of milk.

5. Largest producer of millets in the world.

6. Largest consumer of gold jewellery.

7. Largest producer of jute.

8. Largest producer of ginger.

9. Largest producer of bananas.

10. Largest producer of castor oil seeds.

11. Largest producer of mangoes.

12. Largest producer of safflower oil seeds.

13. Largest producer of papayas.

14. 2nd largest producer of tea, the 1st position - China.

15. 2nd largest producer of sugarcane, 1st position - Brazil.

16. 2nd largest producer of wheat, 1st position - China.

17. 2nd largest producer of onions, the 1st position - China.

18. 2nd largest producer of potatoes, the 1st position - China.

19. 2nd largest producer of garlic, the 1st position - China.

20. 2nd largest producer of rice, the 1st position - China.

21. 2nd largest producer of cottonseed, the 1st position - China.

22. 2nd largest producer of cement., next to China.

23. India has the largest deposits of Thorium mostly in Kerala.

24. 3rd largest producer and 2nd largest consumer of fertiliser.

25. India has the 2nd largest arable land in the world. The USA has the largest arable land in the world.
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