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FAQs on Indian Territorial Army

 Frequently asked questions on Territorial Army

  • What is the Territorial Army (TA)?

A military force that can be mobilised for the defence of the country in case of an emergency. It is composed of volunteers already gainfully employed in civilian professions, but who receive military training for a few days in a year. The TA Act was passed in 1948, and the TA was inaugurated by C Rajagopalachari on October 9, 1949. Its origins lie in the Territorial Army raised by the British in 1920 through the Indian Territorial Act, 1920. The British TA was organised into two wings: ‘The Auxiliary Force’ for Europeans and Anglo-Indians, and ‘The Indian Territorial Force’ for Indian volunteers.

  • Is TA a part of the regular Army?

Yes. Its role is to relieve the regular Army from static duties and assist the civil administration in dealing with natural calamities. It is also tasked to maintain essential services in situations where the life of the community is affected or the security of the country threatened. The TA also provides units in support of the regular Army as and when required.

  • How many men currently serve in TA?

TA currently has a strength of approximately 40,000 first line soldiers, and another 160,000 second line troops. They serve in departmental TA units such as Railways, IOC, ONGC, Telecommunications and General Hospital, and in the non-departmental TA units of Infantry (TA) and Ecological (TA), which are affiliated to various infantry regiments of the Army.

  • How is the training in TA organised?

Training in non-departmental TA is carried out in urban and provincial systems. In the urban system, training is over weekends and on holidays. Four hours of training is counted as one day of training. A minimum of 30 days of training, extendable to a maximum of 60 days, including a camp for 14 days, has to be completed during the calendar year. All officers are required to undergo 10 weeks of post-commission training within two years of their commissioning. In the provincial system, the annual training is for a continuous period of two calendar months in the first and subsequent years.

  • Who is eligible to be an officer in TA?

Any Indian graduate, between the ages of 18 and 42 years, can apply in response to advertisements issued twice every year. After clearing a preliminary interview board, the candidate has to successfully go through the SSB Interview, Medical Board and Police Verification to be granted commission as an officer in the TA.

  • Cricketers M S Dhoni and Kapil Dev were earlier granted commission in TA. Did they go through the selection process?

No. They were granted ‘honorary’ commission to act as brand ambassadors for the Army. That is more of a decorative role. But others like former Union Minister K P Singh Deo, former MP Manvendra Singh, former Union Minister Sachin Pilot and the current BJP MP Anurag Thakur have been selected after going through the due process.

  • Are TA personnel entitled to benefits like canteen services etc.?

Yes. They are entitled to all benefits applicable to regular Army personnel, including medical care during embodiment for training and in case of war. Gratuity, pension and other benefits are applicable depending on the years of service and on matching other criteria.

  • When can they wear military uniform?

Only at certain occasions, including recruitments/training, military parades as spectators, functions where uniform is prescribed, weddings/funerals at which regimental military officers and gazetted civil officers wear uniform, when summoned by a regular Army officer, etc.


  1. I'm working in private middle level software company. If I select in PIB Territorial army written exam , my not give no objection letter means what I want to do further to attend the interview?,I'm ready to resign current job to join territorial army... Plz give your advice.

  2. To join in TA, u need not to resign your current job...All perks & privileges of your current job will be the same. A NOC is to be taken from your employer. And rest please read more on its website.

  3. What TA person are eligible for Ex-Serviceman quota

  4. What TA person are eligible for Ex-Serviceman quota

  5. Dear Sir,
    First of all thank you for your valuable contribution towards providing useful information to the volunteers interested joining Indian Territorial Army..
    Sir I worked at Indias leading bank SBI I am much more interested in joining TA but my employer does not provide NOC to join it and there is a clause in the bank circular which I does not allow employee to provide NOC to join TA. Sir I am ready to resign from my current job and join TA permanently..
    Sir please help me and provide valuable information of what should I do to join TA.

  6. Do the TA officers get permanent commission ?

  7. Do the TA officers get permanent commission ?

  8. Dear Friend,

    I am working in MNC & would like to attend TA exam, but my company declined to provide certificate (As as per company policy no legal bonding or declarations to third party). I have regular (Every month) source of Income from 2 Rented properties & Long term FDs (For both I am single owner), both put together my earning is over 15,000/-. Backup documents are Property/Tenancy contracts (Notary), property document & FD receipts from Nationalized banks, will my application would be considered as source of income from business(Investment).

    I continue with my present job in Pvt. company but can't produce this as source of income because they declined to do as explained above.
    So to attend exam my declined of source of income as above, However my company can provide Leaves as and when required.

    Please advice and reply on this will be of great help.