Saturday, February 28

Common Questions asked on PIB(TA) Interview

Common Questions asked on PIB(TA) Interview: Hello My dear successful Friends, First of all I want to congratulate you on your success in TA written exam. During your interview, yo...
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Written Exam Result of TA HQ Central Command, Feb 2015

Candidates with the following roll numbers have been selected for Interview.

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Friday, February 27

Written Exam Result of TA HQ Eastern Command

Candidates with the following roll no.s have been selected for interview to be held at Territorial Army Officer's Institute, Outram Road, Kolkata at 6000Hr as per dates mentioned.

Courtesy: Ashish Ghosh

CONGRATULATIONS to all the candidates who have cleared their written exams.

Southern Command result will be declared tomorrow... Good Luck!
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List of candidates qualified in Territorial Army Written Exam held on 8 FEB , who gave their TA exam at Chandimandir , Western Command

Candidates with the following roll no.s have been selected for interview to be held at TA headquarters Western Command wef 9 MARCH to 21 MARCH 2015 at 6.30AM as per dates mentioned against each name.
All the best !

CONGRATULATIONS to all the candidates who have cleared their written exams !
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Tuesday, February 17

Recruitment rally in 117 Infantry Battalion (TA) "The Guards"

The Territorial Army, 117 Infantry Battalion (TA) "The Guards" would conduct a recruitment rally.

Place: Army training area at Mannarpuram

Date : February 23 to 28

Age: 18-42

Eligible States: Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Goa and Puducherry, Dadra and Nagar Haveli, Daman and Diu and Lakshadweep.

Source: The Hindu

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8th February 2015 Question Paper of TA Exam

Hey Dear Aspirants

This Time Question Paper Faintly deviated from Previous Year Exam Syllabus.

I'm Here Sharing some of The Question Asked in 8th Feb TA exam provided by Followers of this blog (Based on Memory).

Some more questions were added by Aspirants in Comment Section.


1. Growing menace at Cyber Crimes is the world.
2. Indian mas orbiter mission latest steps (mangal yan ).
3. Digital Government in India.
4. Bhutan Relations in valuable strategic partnership.
5. Islamic state in Iraq and Syria.
6. A new dimension of threat to Global peace.

General Awareness

1. Tobacco free state in India?
2.first battle of panipat was in between ?
3. Award of Guru? (Dronacharya )
4. who wrote our national anthem?
5. what was the mumtaj mahal real name?
6. largest railway track?
7. president of sri lanka ?
8. National development council formed in year ?
9.Noble prize 2014 winner of India & pak ?
10.Akbar came to throne in year?
11. Akbar conquered two places ?
12. Autobiography of two mughal emperor?
13. Maratha dynasty rises after d battle?
14. Mughal dynasty diminished on invasion of ?
15. Thinnest led is which part of hair?
16. Tansen earlier works in court of king ?
17. Who wrote national anthem of India?
18. Prime minister of india appointed under article ?
19. Jahangirs earlier name ?
20. Lokayukta first adopted in which state ?
21. How any seats woned by BJP in 2014 General election ? 
22. Commonwealth Games 2018 will be held at?
23.Which state of India has English as its official language?
24. IC chips mostly contain which element?
25..Earth is _  biggest planet in solar system.
26. Which vitamin protects our body from infections?
27. On whose recommendation can President dissolve lok Shabha?
28. Who is chief of Indian Air Force?
29. Who is chief of Indian Army?
30. Which is the latest missile of Indian Army?
31. Which vitamin helps in blood coagulation?
32. Who defeated whom in battle of terrain?
33. Kashmir saw a huge loss during 2014 due to?
34. Odd one out.Flipkart.. Amazon.. Snapdeal.. Wallmart
35. SEBI is a?
36. An award was recently given to which actress?
37. Indian Territorial Army was started by?
38. Project Sankalp is associated with?
39. Which element is found in abundance in earth's mass?
40. If Z=52, CAT= 48, then BAT= ?
41. If word MALAYALAM is written in reverse order, which letter would be in third position?
42. A is B's sister.G is A's father.H is G's wife D is G's mother.How is D related to B?
43. Nickname of R.D.Burman ?
44. National animal of Rajasthan?
45. Chief of UNO ?
46. Who fought first battle of panipat ?
47. What was real name of Shah Jehan?
48. Davis cup related to which sports ?
49. what is the role of finance commission?
50  Aurangzeb fought with which Sikh guru ?
51. Latest ship commission by PM ?
52. Chipko andolan related to ?
53. After president and vice president who is next in the line of succession ?
54. Which country has met maximum no. of air accidents?
55. who is leader of house Rajya sabha?

This time Paper also carried some questions on MATH.

Plz add more if you have ,or correct me if I'm wrong.

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Thursday, February 12

119 Infantry Battalion Assam (Territorial Army) Recruitment Rally 2015

Territorial Army (TA) plans recruitment of soldiers from North East Region (NER).

Must Be a Domicile of : West Bengal, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Manipur, Nagaland, Sikkim, Tripura and Andaman & Nicobar Islands. 

Age : 18-42

Place & Time : (Report at Rally site 7 am)
1.Meghalaya (Nongstoin) : Feb 15-16
2.Assam (Lumding and Hamrem in Nagaon and Karbi Anglong districts) : 19-24

Physical Fitness :
1.6 km Run (one mile)
Pull Ups (Beam)
9 Feet Ditch should be able to cross by jumping, 
balance walk

Educational qualifications :
Range from class X pass which is Relaxable to class VIII in certain specific cases.

The educational qualification for Pastor is graduate and should have been priest by the appropriate Ecclesiastical and is still on the approved list of the local Bishop.

Source : From Meghalaya Times

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Saturday, February 7

Documents need to Carry for Written Exam,Final tip...

Documents need to Carry for Written Exam,Final tip...: As the date of TA written Exam gets near,doubts related to the proceedings are reaching high.Read more
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