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8th February 2015 Question Paper of TA Exam

Hey Dear Aspirants

This Time Question Paper Faintly deviated from Previous Year Exam Syllabus.

I'm Here Sharing some of The Question Asked in 8th Feb TA exam provided by Followers of this blog (Based on Memory).

Some more questions were added by Aspirants in Comment Section.


1. Growing menace at Cyber Crimes is the world.
2. Indian mas orbiter mission latest steps (mangal yan ).
3. Digital Government in India.
4. Bhutan Relations in valuable strategic partnership.
5. Islamic state in Iraq and Syria.
6. A new dimension of threat to Global peace.

General Awareness

1. Tobacco free state in India?
2.first battle of panipat was in between ?
3. Award of Guru? (Dronacharya )
4. who wrote our national anthem?
5. what was the mumtaj mahal real name?
6. largest railway track?
7. president of sri lanka ?
8. National development council formed in year ?
9.Noble prize 2014 winner of India & pak ?
10.Akbar came to throne in year?
11. Akbar conquered two places ?
12. Autobiography of two mughal emperor?
13. Maratha dynasty rises after d battle?
14. Mughal dynasty diminished on invasion of ?
15. Thinnest led is which part of hair?
16. Tansen earlier works in court of king ?
17. Who wrote national anthem of India?
18. Prime minister of india appointed under article ?
19. Jahangirs earlier name ?
20. Lokayukta first adopted in which state ?
21. How any seats woned by BJP in 2014 General election ? 
22. Commonwealth Games 2018 will be held at?
23.Which state of India has English as its official language?
24. IC chips mostly contain which element?
25..Earth is _  biggest planet in solar system.
26. Which vitamin protects our body from infections?
27. On whose recommendation can President dissolve lok Shabha?
28. Who is chief of Indian Air Force?
29. Who is chief of Indian Army?
30. Which is the latest missile of Indian Army?
31. Which vitamin helps in blood coagulation?
32. Who defeated whom in battle of terrain?
33. Kashmir saw a huge loss during 2014 due to?
34. Odd one out.Flipkart.. Amazon.. Snapdeal.. Wallmart
35. SEBI is a?
36. An award was recently given to which actress?
37. Indian Territorial Army was started by?
38. Project Sankalp is associated with?
39. Which element is found in abundance in earth's mass?
40. If Z=52, CAT= 48, then BAT= ?
41. If word MALAYALAM is written in reverse order, which letter would be in third position?
42. A is B's sister.G is A's father.H is G's wife D is G's mother.How is D related to B?
43. Nickname of R.D.Burman ?
44. National animal of Rajasthan?
45. Chief of UNO ?
46. Who fought first battle of panipat ?
47. What was real name of Shah Jehan?
48. Davis cup related to which sports ?
49. what is the role of finance commission?
50  Aurangzeb fought with which Sikh guru ?
51. Latest ship commission by PM ?
52. Chipko andolan related to ?
53. After president and vice president who is next in the line of succession ?
54. Which country has met maximum no. of air accidents?
55. who is leader of house Rajya sabha?

This time Paper also carried some questions on MATH.

Plz add more if you have ,or correct me if I'm wrong.

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  1. I have stong feeling that que. No 26,27,29,31, 35,36,40,41,43,45 ware not asked in 8 Feb 15 exam paper of TA.
    May be I m wrong bt I didn't come across these que during exam as I remember.
    Any other friend who appeared may confirm pl do confirm.

    1. Yes. You are right.those questions weren't asked in exam.

    2. when the result for this exam will be annouced , do you have any information?

    3. Isn't it strange that exam conducted on 8 th Feb and still no one has been informed of result through email or message as it was claimed in call letter. Smruti have u got any information about result ? Pls let us know.

  2. Session 1 ( part 1= essay,30 marks),(part 2 = passage,10 marks).
    Session 2 ( 1 to 10 que = 10 marks, 11 to 110 que =50 marks).
    total duration = 2 hrs 30 min.

    To qualify in each session 40% needed and aggregate 50 marks needed to go for next round that is PIB.

  3. In session 2 first 10 questions was on math and reasoning.
    later about 15 to 25 questions was on Indian history.25 to 35 questions on gk.

    Essays given in above discussion are correct.

  4. Hmm bharat . .
    Few questions asked in exam are
    . Max time as speak er of loksabha?..
    . Vedic name of Ravi river?
    . Gayatri mantra for d worship of?
    . Supreane court judge?
    . Telangana state no?
    . Proportion system used for appointment of?
    . Synonymous of pro fane?
    . Lights combat aircraft to be addedib airforce?

  5. I think there is no questions related to viramin

  6. Can you also publish answers to all of these questions? Thanks.

  7. hi,i am publishing the 2nd part - GK/CA/LOGICAL/APTITUDE with what i remember,

    1 leave odd word out - (drowning)
    2 leave odd word out 2
    3 reltion 1 ( a had 2 daughetrs….)
    4 relation 2
    5 height of rohan,whos the tallest?
    6 percentage of failing people froma group
    7 percentage question 2…3 of 56 is how much of 400?
    8 Cost price/ selling price 1
    9 Cost price/ selling price 2
    10 gardener wants to plant 1000 plants in equal rows/columns
    11 Rs 700 prize division,each prize lesser by 20/-
    12 rs 600/- interest PA,how much principal ?
    13 age calculation with ratios ?2
    14 age calculation with ratios ?1
    15 a:b = 2:3, C:d = 4:5 so finally A:d ?
    16 english highlight the correct phrase 1
    17 english highlight the correct phrase 2
    18 english highlight the correct phrase 3
    19 english insert the correct word/ phrase 1
    20 english insert the correct word/ phrase 2
    21 english insert the correct word/ phrase 3
    22 synonym 1 - freedom
    23 synonym 1 - luxury
    24 antonym 1 licentious
    25 antonym 1 profane
    26 meaning- in toto
    27 maning- via media
    28 meaning -fighting nail and tooth
    29 average weight of ABC is 45kg…weight of c ?
    30 meaning 3 - meet ones waterloo
    31 arrange the sentence in order 1 book published in NY
    32 arrange the sentence in order 2 - zoo lions/tiger
    33 1st battle of panipat
    34 which sikh fought fiercly with shah jahan at sangrama,amritsar ?
    35 real beginning of mughal empire in india
    36 two muslims who wrote their memoirs
    37 kingdoms conquered by akbar
    38 power to make law on union list
    39 national development council raising day
    40 in absence of president/vice president who presides
    41 longest tenure as lok sabha speaker
    42 sakaria commission is relevant to what
    43 akbar made king in which year ?
    44 air chief marshal current
    45 shah jahan's actual name
    46 english official language of which state
    47 finance commission is set to lay
    48 proportional representation for which offcial in constituion?
    49 through which article president appoints PM
    50 aurangzeb executed which sikh guru ?
    51 3rd battle of panipat
    52 mumtaz's real name
    53 currency note withdrawal before which year
    54 mars orbit mission rocket name
    55 green noble prize winner -
    56 longest railway platform in india
    57 BJP win with how many seats?
    58 telengana which no. state ?
    59 remote sensing pact with which country ?
    60 induction of which indigenous warship ?
    61 civil nuclear agreement signed with which country?
    62 current president of sri lanka ?
    63 led is thinner than hair how many times ?
    64 current CJI - hl dattu
    65 battle of buxar ?
    66 chipko movement for which type of conservation ?
    67 state animal of rajasthan ?
    68 highest tourism state by ASSOCHAM ?
    69 which disease killed 5.5 lac people in 14 ?
    70 who wrote national song ?
    71 current secy general of UN ?
    72 indian winner of noble prize ?
    73 PAK winner of noble prize ?
    74 TA raised at the bequest of whom ?
    75 new nuclear power plant coming up where ?
    76 dronacharya award for coaches ?
    77 davis cup for which sport ?
    78 comon wealth games in which country in 2018?
    79 works of kalidas 1
    80 works of kalidas 2
    81 gayatri mantra dedicated to which deity?
    82 ravi river's old name ?
    83 which state banned smokeless tobacco ?
    84 1st state to adopt lokpal ?
    85 which aircraft from DRDO will replace mig in air force ?
    86 pravasi bhartiya diwas was held in which city ?
    87 highest no. o aircraft crashes of which country ?
    88 tansen was in whose court earlier ?
    89 current speaker of rajya sabha ?
    90 nuclear missile ready to be inducted into army ?
    91 brick : wall 1 question
    92 air : ocean question 2
    93 cloth : mill ,newspaper : ?
    94 which word represents " shadu " - word PEARL ?
    95 word alphabet 1 with difference of 2 alphabets
    96 word alphabet 2 with difference of 2 alphabets
    97 if ABC invested rsxyz. Toatalling to 900,how much profit will A get ?
    98 by modern day language mughal army used to have what type of army?
    99 question on bharat ratna recipient ?
    100 one question on - rivers going finally into which sea ?

  8. Is there any news of results of 8 feb?
    Any body receive call letter for pib ?

    1. west is out - check the tribune online

    2. What about southern command?
      Will u pl provide website ?

  9. When did publish the question paper of T A exam feb 2015 in official website

  10. It is ascertained from HQ that result of TA will be declared in news paper on 27 feb 15.

  11. Hi, I have done my exam well on 8th feb. In Part II, among 1st 10 Qns 9 are right and among the remaining 100, I am sure that nearly 74 Qns are right. It means i will be definitely scoring 46/60. Part I i am not sure about my essay as my hand is not that good. What's my chance of getting the call for PIB?

    1. Its No matter how much u gain in one part separately. What's require is u must have to secure at least 40% in each part and overall 50%. More than this will be ur benefit.
      Plz at least read earlier comments of blog.

  12. Hey friends Check out results on 27 Feb 2015 at following link.


  13. better conducting of exam can be handed over to some other regular body

  14. The way they conducted the exam, declared results and the methods they followed for evaluation of results do not look fair and transparent. It is matter of waste of time to prepare for TA exam.

  15. best books for ta exam pls tell me sir

  16. sir pls tell me some best couching for ta in bangalore or any other state