Saturday, February 28

Common Questions asked on PIB(TA) Interview

Common Questions asked on PIB(TA) Interview: Hello My dear successful Friends, First of all I want to congratulate you on your success in TA written exam. During your interview, yo...


  1. Smruti, for interview they told us to bring income proof certificate (SARAL), can we carry ITR-V ( SAHAJ) form. Does it make difference. Comments plz

  2. Smruti sir.. Plzzz confirm me about the tests that are to be conducted at the time of PIB..? I HAVE COME TO KNOW THAT THERE IS A OIR TEST AT PIB ?? PLZZZ COMMENT

  3. Will appreciate if anybody brief me on/after PIB process. Kamal - it seems you must be having the latest information. It will really help if you could guide us about employer NOC/IT SARAL etc. along with interview process.