Thursday, September 25

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WHAT WE SEEK IN OLQs(Officers Like Qulaities) IN SSB?

A common question troubling SSB aspirant candidates’ minds is as to what is being sought for in Officer Like Qualities (OLQs) in SSB? I will try to answer that in simple words. A candidate should be assessed as adequate in following qualities: REASONING & ORGANIZING ABILITY, SOCIABILITY, LEADERSHIP, WILL POWER & DETERMINATION. As to how assessment is done is an art which is best left to the expert assessors.

What we should understand is that an average candidate getting assessed should have in his/her career done the following:

A) Studied sincerely & understood what was taught well. 

B) Played some games, and done some physical fitness exercises.

C) Been involved in organizing some events at home, or school/college & hence would have the ability to organize an event, if required.

D)Would have had some friends at school/college & good relations with family members. He/she would have been helpful in social relations & would respect & regard others.

E) Would have been involved in some leadership role like house captain, team captain, prefect, etc & developed abilities to positively influence a group & work effectively as a leader, as well as a subordinate.

F) Would have developed will power & determination through tough times faced at home & school/college like exams & other pressure/deadline oriented tasks.

G) Would have some hobbies & interests which would have aided personality growth in fields other than what is there in the school/college curriculum.

H) Would have a reasonable interest in knowing about important National & International events & social issues.
It would be apparent from the discussion that the above should be a very normal profile of a candidate. Such a candidate would be selectable. Nothing extra ordinary is required!
Unfortunately such simple qualities are difficult to get in a large number of candidates because of unnecessary focus on marks, time spent in tuition, which hampers all round development.

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  1. If a person is normally perform in his previous life...can he selected in Sab...
    interviewing officer will not rejected him for his poor performance in past...

  2. Hello Smruti
    Do you 9 when will be the PIB interview result declare by TA Group of Headquarters??? M from Chandigarh and my interview date was 11.09.2014. But i have not received any reply from concerned authority, so do you 9 how much tym they will take???? Plz reply.

    1. result is already ur HQ..
      check emails..
      Good Luck

  3. Am checking my emails regularly but no update received from them..and also no postal letter i got from them..feel bad...r u sure they have published the result??

  4. Helo smruti... i hv received letter from my command and i hv cleared my PIB interview...nw waiting for another letter dat will come from Delhi for ssb u hv any idea when will be ssb interview commenced?? Plz reply

    1. Congo..
      u will get that letter after 4-5 months frm now..which will uploaded in

      Best of Luck for ur SSB

  5. How many vacancies are there in the ta exam course each time?? Plzzz reply..

  6. Thanks for providing some great information about SSB help me very much. Something that i found similar to here SSB ...

  7. awful piece of information, I had come to know about your blog from my friend vimal SSB interview