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Success story shared by Inesh Choudhary who got Commissioned in 152 sikh Infantry (TA).

I had a word with Mr. Inesh Choudhary who got Commissioned in Indian Territorial Army.

I tried to find out about Inesh and his preparations, more importantly how he made it possible. Thanks to Him for giving us time and helping other aspirants by sharing his knowledge and experience form filing of Application to SSB.

"The journey from application to joining in TA has almost taken a year; however I must start with a comment that each stage of selection and each month has ensured that I stayed more focus to achieve what I wanted to from Day 1.

As we all know the first stage is to submit a duly filled in application form with NOC from current organization (if employed). I did that and submitted the form to Southern Command.

Stage I –
It has a written examination which is a mix of objective type questions and essay on most recent current topics. Through adequate research on internet, got to know that the question paper of TA. With adequate preparation written examination turned out to be a cake walk. I was quite confident that would clear and precisely the same happened when the results were announced.

Stage II –
I was called to appear before PIB. For me it was Southern Command. We were asked to fill up PIQ (Personal Information Questionnaire). The key here is to be honest with your credentials and outline responses very clearly on questions asked. It is around personal details hence all someone needs to know is their self-information. We then got our documents verified and submitted. We were then lined up for our personal interview with the board. I was called in and the board comprised of two senior officers along with a psychologist. The interview is mostly based on the PIQ that was filled earlier and questions were specific to current employment, purpose of joining TA, family and education background etc. As a part of advice, below aspects should always be kept in mind as questions will vary from each candidate; however ground rules are similar – 

  • Always be crisply dressed. One should be in a dark colored trouser, light shirt and a tie (optional)
  • Walk in the room post seeking permission brimming with confidence and a pleasant smile
  • When asked to sit, do so and be attentive
  • Make eye contact while answering questions to the board member who is asking with precise answers without beating around the bush
  • Present facts and never try to manipulate answers
  • When asked to leave, thank the board and walk out in a crisp fashion
  • The interview will be about you so be thorough about what has been written in PIQ.
As a one-time activity, conducted by DIPR (Defence Institute of Psychological Research) we were asked to attempt two sets of question papers comprising of numerical ability, quantitative and qualitative aptitude. It appeared this was some kind of research; however like I said it was a one time activity and isn’t a normal practice. Once we were done with the time bound tests, we were asked to go. I was quite confident in my attempt so was expecting that results would be in my favor. As it turned out, I did make it to next round of selection.

     Stage III:
   I would term this as one of the trickiest stage. A stage where in there are too many apprehensions, information on internet and too 
many people with just too many suggestions. I am referring to much talked about SSB .Our batch was scheduled to appear before Southern Selection Center in Bangalore. Before I start with my experience and suggestions, would like to outline that SSB is an extremely scientific way of selecting officers out of all applicants hence we should be sure that no one can cheat/trick the system and clear. I followed very simple approach prior to attempting SSB – 

    1:Be physically fit. A healthy looking body without excess fat helps add to overall personality and to multiple outdoor assessments that one will go through.
    2:Be aware of various tests that will be conducted in SSB. Watch official SSB video on website of Armed Forces and go through stages of testing to be aware and not be surprised when one actually face them.
3: Work on the approach towards a situation in life in a positive fashion. Make it a habit to think and act positively with friends, family, neighbour, colleagues etc.
4:Work on communication skills. It needs to be effective and crisp. Read current affairs weekly magazines, newspaper, communicate with friends/colleagues in English and be aware of what’s happening around in India and world.

    I reached the selection centre and from noon were asked to fill up PIQ and multitude of other forms, got documents verified, got chest number and were assigned candidate’s lines for the stay during night as early next morning we were due to appear for our Stage-1 testing.

    Download:my SSB experience (PDF)

 shortly after all done I received my joining orders to my unit (152 Sikh Infantry) (TA). I joined the unit on 20th July with best possible fitness levels. It is expected that morning jog of 5kms, pushups, chin ups and crunches are done. This is followed by drill and classes on weapon handling. Normally initial one month one is expected to stay in lines meant for troops so that we get to learn better, know them better and understand living conditions of troops.

   I will keep updating on life in the unit once I get to experience. However I do want to state that preparing for SSB is a long drawn process. One has to think and behave like an officer and keep positive outlook towards life. Personality and communication plays a key role and it is important that work on this front starts early on. Good Luck…

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  1. Sir will you able to render your service whole year or just 60 days in year

  2. first of all congratz on being commissioned.
    the only question that each and almost every person is worried is whether u can serve continously if u want to thatz 12 months a year or is it the same thing written in ads and all over that u have service time choice for 2 months or so. would be grateful if u or anyone clears the doubt once and all for sure.thanks in advance

  3. Congrats for your success and Thanks for sharing your story...

  4. Thanks for being our torch Bearer

    1. Thank Smruti for his wonderful job. He is doing really great thing with this blog.

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  9. Hi Smruti ji
    Usually the notifications announce by June or July, for the civilian candidates but this year 2018 no notification announced.
    Is TA not open for the civilian candidates now?
    Thanks & regards