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9th Feb 2014 Question paper of TA Exam with answers




A) Write an Essay in about 300 words in any one of the following topics mentioned below ?(marks:30)

1) Inflation and its effect.
2) Indian's Foreign Relations.
3) The Lokpal Bill.
4) Energy Security,India's current Energy Status,Challenges in front of India.
5) The importance of the MGNREGA.


B) Comprehension Passage.(5 marks)
:not able to recollect

C) Synonyms (5 marks)
1) Allay
2) Feign
3) Denouement
4) Macabre
5) Manacle


1) Whose reign was called the Golden Age of the Mughal ?
Ans: Shahjahan

2) Which of the following is not a basic industry?
Ans: paper

3) IBIN stands for ?
Ans: India Backbone Implementation Network

4) What is "Astra" ?
Ans: Its a air to air missile.

5) A standing army was first introduced in Medieval India by ?
Ans: Iltumish

6) Which games are going to be held are scheduled to be held in 2017 in London ?
Ans:The 16th World Championships in Athletics

7) Press freedom day falls on which date?
Ans: May 3

8) World Intellectual Property Day falls on which date ?
Ans: April 26

9) What is a Catalyst ?
Ans: a substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction without itself undergoing any permanent chemical change.

10) Gwadar port is developed by china in which country ?

11) International Mother earth day ?
Ans: 22 April

12) Who signs one rupee currency note of India ?
Ans: Finance Secretary

13) Which country apart from India has provision for non discrimination ?

14) What is SX 40?
Ans: SX40 is the flagship Index of MCX-SX

15) Dabhol Power Station is in which state ?
Ans:  Maharashtra state

16) Planning commission of India Presided by ?
Ans: Prime minister of India

17) 9th Chairman of Asian Development Bank ?
Ans: Takehiko Nakao

18) Venue for first world test series will be at ?
Ans: England & Wales

19) Garo-Khasi range is in ?
Ans: meghalaya

20) Which mobile company name matches with one of the river name in the world?
Ans: Nokia

21) Who wrote the declaration of Independence ?

22) The pipeline between Russia and Azerbaijan is called..?
Ans: Kazi Magomed pipeline

23) NN Vohra is governor of which state?
Ans: J&K

24) Who said patriotism is religion & religion is love for India ?
Ans: Bankim Chandra Chaterjee

25) Jhansi Merger after 1857 freedom battle was the result of?

26) Pt Ravi Shankar Won the World Music Album award for?
Ans: The Living Room Sessions Part 1

27) When is world press day ?
Ans: May 3

28) Which Muslim intruders attacked India 1st?

29) who is cci vice president ?

30) Number of schedules in constitution of india ?
Ans: 12

31) Jharli is in which state ?
Ans: Haryana

32) which country give asylum to snowden ?

33) Sahyadri range is also known as ?
Ans: Western Ghats

34) Which state does not touch myanmar State ?
Ans: The state which touch myanmar are : 1 nagaland 2 manipur 3 mizoram 4 arunachal pradesh

35) KolDam dam is in which state ?
Ans: Bilashpur, Himachal pradesh

36) Which gas was used to kill civilians in syria by the government
Ans: Sarin

37) WWW invented by ?
Ans: Tim Berners-Lee. 

38) Pipeline project from Azerbaijan to Italy is known as ?
Ans: Trans Adriatic Pipeline

39) Khasi, Garo languages belong to which state?
Ans: Meghalaya

40) Name of god with three faces and surrounded by animal in harappan civilization ?
Ans: The Pasupati

41) Who conducts Panchayati Raj Elections ?
Ans: State election Commissioner

42) Bangalore-dabhol pipeline. where is dabhol located ?
Ans: Maharashtra State

43) India's first station at Arctic?
Ans: Himadri station

44) what was discovered by william harvey?
Ans: the circulation of blood

45) SFIO full form?
Ans: Serious Fraud Investigation Office
Recommended books for TA Exam
46)The biggest coral island in India is ?
Ans: lakshwadweep

47) The 40th G8 summit was due to be held in 2014 ?
Ans:  Russia 

48) In how many countries India has acceded to Madrid Protocol which allows Indian companies to register their trademarks by filing a single application.

49) Star Movies new channel

Ans: Star movies action

50-60): not able to recollect

Plz add more if you have ,or correct me if I'm wrong.

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