Monday, August 11

Life story of Shanti Tigga: First women who beat the odds and joined Territorial Army

The barrier that had been broken in the Army with a mother of two becoming the first woman jawan.

Outperforming her male counterparts in the physical tests, 35-year-old Sapper Shanti Tigga joined the 969 Railway Engineer Regiment of Territorial Army (TA).

Women are allowed to join the armed forces only as officers in the non-combat units. But Tigga has earned the unique distinction of being the first lady jawan in the 1.3 million strong defence forces.

She took five seconds less than her male counterparts to complete 1.5-km run. She completed the 50 metre run in 12 seconds which is rated as excellent.

But Unfortunately,she was kidnapped by some unknown people and she was tied to a post near to railway track .
Tigga, attached to the 969 Railway Engineer Regiment of the Territorial Army and posted at the Chalsa Railway station.

She was admitted to the hospital after that.
She was provided security and there were guards outside the cabin.Her son, who was also in the cabin, who raised an alarm after she did not come out of the toilet for long. The guards found her  dead  when  they  broke  the  door   to  enter  the  toilet.

A day after the death of Territorial Army's first woman jawan,. Adivasi groups protest death of her.
Demanding an impartial investigation into her death in Alipurduar Railway Hospital in Jalpaiguri district, adivasi organisations prevented the police from removing the body from the hospital where she was found hanging.

Tigga hanged herself because, She  had  been accused for  she   had taken money from people on the pretext of getting them jobs

Tigga (37) had been a jawan with the 969 Railway Engineer Regiment of the Territorial Army and posted as a points-man at Chalsa station in the district.

She was honoured by former president Pratibha Patil for being the first female jawan of our country.

It had always been Tiggas dream to join the Army, wear the olive green uniform and fire guns.

“Some of my relatives were in the armed forces and I was always motivated by them to become a part of the Army. I prepared hard to clear the physical tests. I know I have made my family proud by becoming the first woman Army jawan,” she said.


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