Monday, November 18

General Awareness Set 2

1. Ricket is caused by the deficiency of:

A. vitamin E B. vitamin D C. vitamin C D. vitamin D E. vitamin A
Ans:B. vitamin D

2. Which of the following metals has the highest density?

A. Iron B. Mercury C. Osmium D. Lead E. Silver
Ans:C. Osmium

3. Which of the following richest in protein content?

A. Wheat B. Tomato C. Apple D. Egg white E. Yolk of egg 
Ans:D. Egg white

4. The disease caused by iodine deficiency :

A. Goitre B. Pollo C. Jaundice D. Anaemia E. Night blindness
Ans:A. Goitre

5. Which of the following is mammal?

A. Frog B. Tortoise C. Crab D. Bat E. Snake
Ans:D. Bat

6. The layer in the atmosphere that protects earth from ultraviolet radiation

A. Oxygen belt B. Milky way C. Galaxy D. Nitrogen layer E. Ozone layer
Ans:E. Ozone layer

7. Which of the following metals is not an element?

A. Iron B. Silver C. Bronze D. Mercury E. Gold
Ans:C. Bronze

8. An intern for projecting images of objects is:

A. Epidiascope B. Periscope C. Microscope D. Telescope
Ans:A. Epidiascope

9. The largest of the planets known so far

A. Mercury B. Jupiter C. Satum D. Uranus E. Venus
Ans:B. Jupiter

10. With which organ is the disease trachoma connected?

A. Brain B. Skin C. Liver D. Heart E. Eye
Ans:E. Eye

11. Which of the following persons resisted the power of the Dutch?

A. Pazhassi Raja B. Kunjali Marakkar C. Marthandavarma
Ans:C. Marthandavarma

12. The last French settlement in India was at

A. Goa B. Daman C. Mahe D. Anchuthengu E. Thalassery
Ans:C. Mahe

13. The revolution took place in the:

A. 16th century B. 17th century C. 18th century D. 19th century E. 20th century
Ans: C. 18th century

14. The largest continent:

A. Africa B. Asia C. Antarctica D. North America E.. South Africa
Ans:B. Asia

15. Tipu Sultan’s attempt to invade the ancient states of Kerala was defeated by:

A. Marthandavarma B. Umayamma Rani C. Dharmaraja D. Pazhassi Raja E. Shakthan Thampuran
Ans:C. Dharmaraja

16. The largest land surrender on all sides by the sea 

A. Borneo B. New Guinea C. Greenland D. Great Britain E. Australia
Ans:E. Australia

17. Where is the Vivekananda rock situated:

A. Calcutta B. Pondicherry C. Gaya D. Sringeri E. Kanyakumari
Ans:E. Kanyakumari

18. The centre of Southern Air Command of India is at :

A. Chennai B. Goa C. Thiruvananthapuram D. Kochi E. Hyderabad 
Ans:C. Thiruvananthapuram

19. Which seashore in Kerala is famous for deposit of mineral soil?

A. Vizhinjam B. Varkala C. Chavara D. Kayamkulam E. Kochi 
Ans:C. Chavara

20. The thermal plant for producing electricity is being established in Kerala at:

A. Kayamkulam C. Aluva C. Sabarigiri D. Idukki E. Malappuram
Ans:A. Kayamkulam

21. The Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre is situated at:

A. Visakapatnam B. Sri Harikota C. Mumbai D. Thiruvananthapuram
Ans:D. Thiruvananthapuram

22. Of the following which is the most famous fishing centre of Kerala?

A. Neendakara B. Alappuzha C. Kochi D. Kasargode 
Ans:A. Neendakara

23. At which place was the International sports stadium constructed in Kerala?

A. Thiruvananthapuram B. Kottayam C. Kochi D. Kollam E. Kozhikode
Ans:C. Kochi

24. In which year Azad Hind Fauj formed

A. 1942 B. 1943 C. 1944 D. 1945 E. 1941
Ans:B. 1943

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