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  • Certain state Govts and departments give the following incentives to the employes Pay and allowances in addition to the military basic pay and allowances as applicable.
  • PSpecial increments on completion of 3 to 5 Annual training camps.
  • Additional DA at higher rates during service embodiments by certain departments.
  • One time incentive grant in certain departments and one time honorarium by state govts.
  • Mufti allowance and lump sum Daily allowance in departments like ONGC and IOC.
  • Cash award varying from Rs 2500/- to 5000/- on award of TA Decoration/TA Medal.
  • Certain tax exemptions by some state Govts.
  • Pay and allowances of rank as applicable to Regular Army.
  • Camp allowance of Rs. 10/- for Officers while attending training.
  • Free rations, CSD facilities and medical facilities to self and dependants when embodied for training, military service or when posted on permanent staff.
  • Facilities of leave, leave encashment, accommodation and leave travel concessions when embodied for military service or on permanent Staff.
  • Promotion to higher ranks as per authorisation.
  • Entitlement to pension for Officers with 20 years and JCOs and other ranks with 15 years aggregate embodied service (actual Physical service).
  • Ex-servicemen status and free medical facilities to pensioners.
  • Terminal gratuity at the time or discharge/retirement to those who do not earn pension (Other than civil govt. employees).
  • Entitlement to all medals and awards as applicable to the regular army.



  1. Hi Smruti,
    Thank you for the above information. Just out of curiosity does T. A. Personnel get Identity Card.
    Thank you in advance for your reply

    1. you mean CSD card..(canteen service)
      i remind you that in notification it is written that salary & all the privileges are same as regular Army.

    2. Hi Smruti, Thanks for very quick response. I appreciate it SIR!!
      what I meant was general ID Card. Like stating Name Designation etc etc

  2. Hello Smruti Sir I want to Confirm that after a period of service in the TA...When we return to our Civil Job... During That time can we use our CSD card (canteen service) ......

  3. can a TA officer can get a licence to handle a pistol or gun with him...

  4. Can TA officer use general identity card on civil duty & have licence for gun?