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Admit Card for TA Exam 10th Aug 2014 exam with Exam Tips

I have seen a most of aspirants asking about ''status about their application,Whether they are consider or not''
So here i'm going to clear your doubts about call letter.

I had a 3 time experience of written exam.I have seen some of my friends didn't get their admit card because of their silly mistakes.

Candidates who have applied successfully for TA exam 2014 will get their admit card by post within 10-15 days before the exam.

In the end I would like share Points that might be useful for anyone who takes this exam.

1.If you don't get admit card by time.Don't be Discouraged & have patience

2.If you are not getting your admit card till 7 days before exam because some candidates may get admit card later.

3.You can contact your nearest TA units or headquarters to get your Status of admit card they might help you.

Here the details of Territorial Army units.

4.If you didn't get your admit card for Aug 2014 exam, try to figure out your mistakes & don't do that again.

Study plan for TA exam...

Questions pattern
Total marks:100
Nature of questions paper: Objective(GK+English),Subjective(essay)

General Awareness:
General Awareness paper will consist of 60 marks and will be objective in nature. It will test the candidate about his knowledge on various subjects including current affairs, history, geography, scientific relation to day-to-day experiences, generic scientific observations as may be expected of an educated person who does not have specialization in any particular subject.
Preparation tips:

  • Read newspapers regularly for the latest happenings in and around the world.
  • Read magazines that cover varied topics ranging from economy to business to trade policies to the latest awardees in the fields of sports, art, literature. In short, just be aware of all the topics because questions can come from anywhere.
  • Refer to past question papers and see the pattern of occurrence of the questions. That will give you an idea as to which topics to concentrate on.

Preparation tips
  • To prepare for Comprehension passage, one can develop the habit of reading the newspaper regularly. Reading the newspaper improves not only one's vocabulary but also one's knowledge about the subject.
  • One can refer to Synonyms -antonyms books to clear the concepts
  • Try solving past year's question papers so that you have an idea of what to expect

I would recommend THE HINDU & THE TIMES OF INDIA.The Hindu gives you simple & effective writing style while TOI gives u stylish English & increases your vocabulary.Both are needed to write a good Essay.
Read my collections on Essays For 10th Aug: Click Here

You can also Have these books : Click Here
previous year question papers: Click Here

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  1. Guys anyone of you have received it?

  2. if anyone receive the TAO admit card pls post.

    1. Hello sir let me know How you received ... i mean By post or Online ?

    2. Any 1 please tell me how can i get my Admit card for TA, exam date coming 10 august

  3. Thnx Rajesh for replying

  4. Rajesh Which TA HQ you applied?

    Thnx in advance for replying.

  5. Hello Rajesh thanks for ur reply ... let me know What is your TA HQ? how you reccived admit card i mean by post only ?

  6. How to download the TA OFFICER ADMIT CARD

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. please any one send me the direct lnk of hall tcket download
    or please download and send to my email-zafarshareef1992@gmail.com
    name:zafar ullah shareef
    father name:mohd ahmed shareef
    this is my humble request please do me a favour

    1. There is no such direct link to download Admit card
      u will get ur Admit card only through POSTAL

  9. we need to get any attested frm GO in the admit card??

  10. My dear friends, there is no links to download ADMIT CARD.It will come directly through post you have to wait before 7 days of exam.If you did any mistakes in the application form they will reject the form.
    I have received my ADMIT CARD today morning.

  11. Thank u very much..............

  12. i recvd it today.. finnaly..

  13. I have not receive the Admit card for TA exam 10 aug, 2014. I did not make any mistake in the application. Also, I have checked at my area post office, even they did not get any document of it. Today is Aug 4, only 6 days left in the exam. And my hometown is 1,549 km far from Pune. Any suggestions Sir ??

    1. Same problem i too facing till now i too didn't get the admit card by post? wat to do sir next? Please help....

    2. enquiry about ur Admit card in ur nearest TA battalion...

    3. Jaipur TA battalion is near to me. But I do not have any contact details of it. You had posted TA battalion name in this blog. Could you help us in providing the contact details of them, that would be appreciated ??

    4. u hve to approach it on your own.... !!!

  14. Aditya and Srinivas ... me too not received same here buddy

  15. cntact you nearest TA Unit..

  16. disappointment there is no real system of checking any updates on admit card or any other things nor they have a proper channel for communication or website.

  17. any one tell me how to download admit card exam held on 10 august 2014 kindly tell me as soon as possible my email id is sas.skroy@gmail.com

  18. Me too not yet got admit card i only had told so many friends about vacancies in TA they all have got admit card but me only not yet

  19. Yesterday TA allowed the candidates who disnt recieved the admit cards by post by verifying their names while submiting the application forms. Poor you all who excused

    Results can be inquired by calling 07768003601 and 07768003602.

    and TA Changed the pattern this time.

    Part A: Essay 30 Marks and Comprehensive 10 Marks ( Rewrite the passage's heading and subheading and summary of passage in own words) both were subjective.
    and What is the function of TA qnd what all heir unit names for 5 Marks? (i dont remember much in which part this question was)

    China growing in Soth china sea.
    Maoist in India
    India integration
    US troop roll out in Afganistan
    India Bangladesh relationship.

    Part B: GK 65 Marks and 5 Fill in the blanks 5Marks

    Fillin Blanks:-
    1) Osama bin laden operation a - Neptune spear
    2) TA Established by whom and when- Britisher 1920
    3) WTO head name- Jim ki Yan ( i wrote in hindi too;)
    4) UN head name- Ban ki Moon
    5) Brazil Capital -Brazilia

    Lotts of questions on Sports, Current and international issues, Military issues and GK as well. not a single questions on History Geography Acts and laws and amendments and blah blah bullshit as asked in UPSC exams.

  20. plz update aug-2014 question paper .


  22. Hello all, really pissed off i missed this year exam, can anyone tell me what would be next probable dates? DG

  23. When we can get results of ta aug 2014...expected dates..plz guide

  24. Hi, has any one received your TA august 2014 written exam results via call, msg or email? Kindly confirm. Thanks.

  25. Tomorrow results!! All the best

  26. Last time in 2003 also my admit card came after 1 month after the exam and this time my admit card haven't got it. What shall I do to know why it isn't came???

    1. Babloo
      it may be due to postal delay so for next time change ur postal address..
      Good Luck.

  27. does any1 has information about ssb for aug 2014?
    please help

    i have cleared written exam and interview and waiting for ssb call.
    i havent received any information regarding that.

    next notification of feb 2015 paper has been announced.
    please help if any1 has any information regarding ssb

  28. How to get the PIB exam in August 2015 admit card or how to download pl. help me

  29. Download Admit Cards-The Candidates who are appearing for constant will download their admit cards from careerchamber.com. Students will have to take print out of the admit cards and get it signed by the principal their institute.