Thursday, March 6

For Those Who didn't clear TA FEB 2014 written exam

My Dear Failure Friends ,

When i say failure, then it include me also. coz I have failed in my 1st attempt.

Yes i have failed a in my past and it's completely true but i have also achieved and still achieving a lot in my present that is also true.
Some candidates are mailing me regarding there failure's and they are afraid also that there failure in past will not let them succeed in present or future. Well i do not know whether your past failure's will act as a hindrance in achieving your target in present or future, but such thinking will definitely lead you to fail again.

I encountered many aspirants who failed in TA FEB 2014 examination, some are freshers but many of them have already cleared TA written exam earlier. Obviously, they feel sad after not finding their name in the list for successful candidates. 

But, this is not the time to waste on thinking what you did in past, rather one must start preparing for the next examination. Moving forward, this post will tell you some points how to prepare for TA AUG 2014.

How to prepare for TA AUG 2014 Exam.

  • Do not think about your score past-exam. Focus on what next.
  • Organize yourself and your preparation, make a timetable and follow.
  • Get help from other who are well experienced. 
  • Stay calm at the time of exam, answers all the questions you know and come back to the others later.
  • Don't run, read all the questions carefully.
  • Be Inspired.
If by any chance you are writing TA AUG 2014 Exam, start your preparation right now. Clearing this exam need little hard work and more smart work.
"Lakshya Ko Har Haal Mein Paana Hai"

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  1. Thanks for lot of information. i want to know about SSB ?
    plz give me info in detail


    1. I gonna make a post for SSB soon...
      first clear your PIB every things will be easy for you..

  2. Thanks for your motivate, pls guide me about the TA Aug Exam
    pls help me....

    Arvind Kumar Sharma

    1. Give more stress on general awareness,
      mug up every possible synonyms antonyms...

  3. most imp topic for Exam of Aug 2014

    1. there is no such Imp topic that i can suggest you,questions may come from under sun..
      you can check previous year questions paper in my blog..

  4. Does old year question papers really helps ,or every time questions are new ?

  5. Hi there, I am writing this exam for the first time and i have been following your blog since quite a long time. As per my observation feb 2015 paper was quite different from its earlier versions. I just want probable Essay topics for Aug 2015 exam. It would be quite helpful

    Sumit Kanoi